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Bilingual PAS Coordinator

-Must not be listed on the Employee Misconduct Registry or Nurse Aide Registry.

-Not have been convicted of an Unemployable Felony or Misdemeanor on the Criminal History Check.

-Must have a valid State issued ID Card or Drivers License and Social Security Card.

-Must show proof of Citizenship/Authorization to work in the United States.

-Must be able to bend, lift or carry up to 30lbs.

-Must be at leat 18 years of age, if not, must be a high school graduate (or in a vocational education program) and demonstrate competency to perform the task assigned by the supervisor.

-Must have a sympathetic attitude towards the care of the sick/disabled/elderly.

-Must be able to read, write and comprehend English.

-Must be able to carry out directions.


Personal Care Attendant

Employment Opportunities

Here at Winners we provide personalized, high quality service. If you are a dedicated, experienced professional who believe in working with clients to maintain and improve their health and wellness, Winners is the place for you.

Winners Healthcare Solutions, Inc is an equal opportunity employer. Due to our tremendous growth we accept resumes at all times even when there are no immediate openings. You can forward your resume to winfax51@hotmail.com.

In the event an opening arises, we will give considerations first to the resumes we have on file before posting the position on our website.